My name is Gertjan, as you can see on top of the screen all the time. I am currently (CURRENT_YEAR - 1981) years old, born and living in the Netherlands in the western part of Europe. I am studying Artificial Intelligence at the VU in Amsterdam. But most of all I am, as a friend once described, a frustrated romantic. Let me explain.

Mostly, I try to organise my life by what I could describe as 'feels good' (or, in quite a few cases, 'doesn't feel good'). I tend to act the way I feel. On the other hand, I feel the need to analyse situations, my own life, other people and, mostly, my feelings. That can be, as you can understand, a quite frustrating process, that almost never really succeeds.

The strange effect of this contradiction is that although I try (presumably more than other people) to express my feelings quite exhaustive, for example my relationships with girlfriends tend to break up on me not telling enough (or she!).

I was not planning to tell you all of this, ofcourse, but since I see this site as a way of expressing myself, this will be online as a little analysing of myself. Want more? Get to know me and I'll analyse your bones out ! =]

My e-mail address is