My Friend
Gertjan Wijnalda, february 2001

about this song
if you call somebody a friend, you wish to have fun in the days there's fun to be haven. if you really feel somebody is your friend, you also feel you want to be there when things are not going the way they should. sometimes, though, there's no such possibility, no chance to help somebody and all you can do is let you friend somehow know you're still there and will be there when it's all over. this song is about that.

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My Friend
(G.L. Wijnalda)

My dear friend
I can't see why I can't see now
But know in mind I do

My dear friend
Once, you said, your time would come
You knew that things would go wrong

Why didn't you warn me when the time had come

'Cause I can't tell you who you should be running for
And I can't tell you what there's need to be known
I can't tell you where you should be going to
But I can tell you who is coming with you

I'm coming with you
I'm going with you
My friend

My dear friend
What are you doing down there?

My dear friend
Low is not what you should be, oh no


My dear friend
I can't see why I can't see you now
But know in mind I do