Gertjan Wijnalda, october 1998

about this song
written in a blaze and lost as quick as that - the lyrics below are a reconstruction of the original lyrics that i made a few months later. the inspiration was the breakup with my first girlfriend, an event that upset me for at least the next half of the year ...

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(G.L. Wijnalda)

I believe, the world’s still turning
Even though we’ve gone through all our tears
I believe, the river’s still streaming in the right direction
The right way, the way we’re heading.

Finally, you've told me
That it's over, that we're done
Though we were once like one
We're finally apart
As far as I can see, it was our island of green
I could put my trust in just one thing

Star, it was you that I believed in
It all came so fast, I don't want it to go
Star, you go like the last light of the sun
All in a blaze
And all there's left are memories

I remember all the fun we had
And all the tears when times were bad
Oh, I know that I won’t forget
What was written and what was said
I remember all the time that we were on top

Of the world

Finally, you've told me
That it's over, that we're done
Remember Mandy, remember Believe
Remember everything we've shared
Do you really want to throw it all away?
Now, I can put my trust in just one thing


Well, it's time to say goodbye my star
I hope that you've enjoyed the time we've spent
Though I know that we'll be back again
I don't know just how soon, oh my star
Until we meet again

Just think of me
And I will think of you


Memories of you