Gertjan Wijnalda, november 2002

about this song
we still had a female singer in the band back in november '02. we couldn't quite figure out her role, so to guide the process i wrote her a song (a first for me!) to sing.

based on my experiences with a few different girls i knew with whom things always went crazy and started to get twisted - it was no surprise i started singing the song myself when our female singer left the band.

stars is also about the problems one can have in a relationship where one of both is always wondering about the deeper meaning of things and the other just doesn't care. when you're different, that could lead to great times, but when you're completely different ... have you ever seen the stars?

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(G.L. Wijnalda)

I've been through black holes in my mind
Only to find that you're in love with me
Now I see the drunken nights we've had
When you declared you'd stay with me

But we're different
So different
And I wonder if you've ever seen the stars

I've been through black times in my life
They've made me change my ways and grow
Oh, I believe you understand me well
But it never came across to you at all

That we're different
So different
And I just can't figure it out

Have you ever seen the stars
Did you ever learn to look without a reason
Making up a reason of your own
Have you really seen them all
Have you ever seen one fall
Waiting 'till another one is shown

Since I was young I thought about all of my life
And about the things to be said
I often said we're gonna be made again
And you just nod and say you agree

Oh, we're different
So different
And I just can't figure it out


I want things to be different
Believe me honey

But I'm not gonna change who you and I are
So we're never gonna see
Never ever gonna see
Beyond the stars


When I look over your shoulder
When we're in some kind of last embrace
High in the sky I get a glimpse
Of another lonely star