Gertjan Wijnalda, november 1997

about this song
unique was basically written as a songwriting demonstration to a girl i was on school with - she really wanted to break through, no matter what the costs were, and she thought she needed songwriting skills. so i made up this story of two people meeting on the beach and started writing behind the piano. took about 10 minutes... we performed it together as a duet on school. after that, she tried to steal the song...

a fantasy about her whereabouts later became the inspiration for the song whatever it takes.

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(G.L. Wijnalda)

It was an ordinary day
And I was running on the beach
But then, you came, out of the water
And all the common disappeared

You don't have to scream to be heard
And you don't have to jump to be seen
Everybody'll notice you when you appear
'Cause you are unique

So was swimming in the sea
The sun was shining everywhere
But then, you came, running in front of me
And all the common disappeared


When you look into the mirror
Tell me what you see
You are not so common
You're special -- unique


Everybody'll notice you when you appear
'Cause you're so unique